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For over five years we have been focusing exclusively on providing high quality equipment, sometimes at cost, but quality of the product and service was first. We may have made a couple of mistakes, but every time we did our best and did fix it.

This customer support focused attitude gained us repeat business among sometimes famous names. Our customer list includes:


Wimbledon Hockey Club,

Surbiton Hockey Club,

Push Hockey Magazine

Cercle Féminin de Paris

Montpellier Université Club,

Saint Germain Hockey Club,

ASF Hockey Antibes,

Touquet Athletique Club

Freres Lau Team

Club du Trefle

Ski Team Aime 2000

Lyon Université Club

Big'Hockey Sport


We also make sure that we keep in touch and support our community. We therefore have or still sponsor the following athletes:

Aymeric Bergamo (CA Montrouge, EHL, IDF coach, 60 caps)

Chritophe Lau (Telemark World Cup)

Sven Lau (Telemark World Cup)

Philippe Lau (Telemark World Cup)

Fabien Magner (PJB, 20+ caps)

Fabien Mazurier (PJB, 25+ caps)

Will Fulker (Surbiton HC)

Hugh Wilson (Surbiton HC)

Mark Atherton (Surbiton HC, Surrey coach)

Dean Hughes (Wimbledon Gym Manager)

Thomas Becuwe (Lille HMC, EHL, 60+ caps)

Clement Coty (StGermain HC, EHL, 10+ caps)

Nathalie Agis (Stade Francais, 100+ caps)

Juliette Hévin (Stade Francais, 40+ caps)

Apoline Rogeau (StGermain HC, 40+ caps)

Waqas Akbar (Pakistan, 50+ caps)

Abba Haider Bilgrami (Pakistan, 50+ caps)

Antoine Choteau (TAC Hockey)





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